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What Is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is all about the creation and distribution of content that amuses, entertains, attracts and engages audiences.
Content marketing is used to drive customer acquisition, deeper engagement with current customers, and for brand awareness.

Generally thought of as being separate from traditional advertising, content marketing is about communicating with
customers in a way that adds value, often without always having the heavy sales pitch.

The content itself is parantenthetically
relevant to a product or service and provides entertainment,
amusement, educational, emotional connection, or practical value.

Why Content Marketing?
Nielsenís Global Trust In Advertising report found that across the world, the medium people tend to trust (or like) the
least is text ads, specifically on mobile, where 65% of digital media is being consumed.

On the list of mediums, video content outranked ads on TV, radio and billboards, as well as in newspapers and
magazines as the most valuable.

History of Content Marketing.
Content Marketing is not new -- it has been practiced for years, using assets like white papers and reports to
pull in a target audience.

Content Marketing is successfully harnessing its power as an advanced method for capturing the attention of prospects,
nurturing their engagement down the 'Sales' funnel to a more trustworthy and meaningful conversation. Or more Sales.

What are the Common Types of Content?
Blog Posts or Articles
White Papers, eBooks, and Reports
Email Newsletter or Nurturing Campaigns
Thought Leadership or POVs
How-To Guides
Social media posts
Case Studies and Client Profiles

Content Distribution Channel
The Interent

What Makes a Piece of Content Effective?
Effective Content usually possesses one or more of the following traits:
Social Currency, Emotional Connection, Practical Value, Telling a Story or anything that Entertains or Amuses.

What Chase Morgan Marketing Can Do For You?
1: Production Line Videos that are affordable. Videos are the one of the most effective ways to engage and to
provide entertainment,
amusement, education, emotional connection, or practical value to your customers and prospects.

The Long Tail of video production remains in perpetuity: Yet the neeed for freshness, and the design to continually feed the
Interenet's appetite mandate for the constant production for maximum effectiveness of your marketing goals.

2: Adwords Campaign Management is more germane when a retail  focus is primary yet a small monthly campaign is effective for any
entity pursuing growth.

3: Consultation. Our decades of experience is robust and genuine. We can provide consultation to any clients needs. We do not know everything but we know more than lots.

4: Dollars & Value.  We provide continuing value to valuable clients at a rate that is fair to all concerned.

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